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To do a successful search on the Piece/Folio/Page numbers you will need to keep the following in mind......

All of the entries now have two forward slashes, and all surnames are in Caps.

Wildcards for individual characters won't work. You can however use '*' and a partial input
e.g. 4021* or 4021/* or 4021//* will bring up every entry with the Piece number 4021.
e.g. 266//66* or 266//66/* or 266/66//* will bring up all pages with the Piece number//Folio 266//66 4021.
e.g. *28* will bring up every entry with '28' anywhere in the number, be it in the Piece number, Folio number or Page number.

If you have found someone using one of the other searches, simply click on the Pi//Fo//Pa number and this will bring up all the entries for that page in the order that they were transcribed. However some of the very first entries were put in the database in alphabetical order, so please remember to make enquiries with the transcribers before assuming that you have found Granddad's Auntie or Mother-in-Law ;-) )

"1901 Leftovers" is the concept of Trudy Weaver, and is now being maintained by RootsChat.com

The "1901 UK Census Leftovers" is a project from the RootsChat Reference Library.

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