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The RootsChat "1901 Leftovers" Site
is a collection of transcripts from the 1901 U.K. Census.*
Once you have downloaded a page from the 1901 U.K. census *, and transcribed your family, you are invariably left with other families on the page, which may very well be of use to someone else. So the various transcribers have donated their "leftovers" to this site, to help you search for your relatives.

Click on the Search buttons at the top of the page to search for a Person
or, if you know the reference, to search for a particular Piece/Folio/Page.

*The 1901 U.K. census covers only England and Wales. It does not include Scotland or Ireland.

How many 1901 census images have you bought ?

Did you find the right family ?

Remember the thrill at the end of the search ?

On the same page as your family, there may have been twenty other people,
totally unrelated to you, which may very well be of use to someone else.

If you want to help other family historians looking for their relatives,
how about transcribing the whole page and submitting the entries to
The Rootschat "1901 Leftovers" site

"1901 Leftovers" is the concept of Trudy Weaver, and is now being maintained by RootsChat.com

The "" is a project from the RootsChat Reference Library.

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