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All the original references to http://www.4trudy.co.uk/census have now been replaced with the new address: http://1901census.rootschat.com

Your Family Tree Magazine
The Best magazine for Genealogy

August 2003 Issue 2  [page 13]

1901: DON'T PAY!

If your looking for a cheaper way of viewing census transcriptions, visit 1901census.rootschat.com. This site has been set up to collect together information from the 1901 census that people have purchased and are willing to transcribe and share. Some 28,000 records were there as we went to press.

with permission from:- Garrick Webster [Editor]

Trudy's Note:-

"Brilliant magazine, definitely one of the best, well worth the price of a subscription"

From: Rob Thompson
Subject: GENUKI Family History News 135
9 May 2003


This is one of the best sites I have found for a little while, and definitely the most useful site I have seen for a long time. The only trouble is that you do have to be patient as the pages take some time to load, they are quite large. The site is collection of abstracts from the 1901 census, there are over 23,000 records on the database. Free to access and easy to search this is a great site which is well worth a visit to see if there is anything useful to you! And again a site you can contribute to help others. The census information on the site contains a full transcription, including all the details you would find on the census.

With permission from:- Rob Thompson

Trudy's Note:- The pages no longer take as long as they used to! :)

An electronic newsletter for
family historians from the
Society of Australian Genealogists
January 2003

1901 Census Leftovers

Lots of subscribers to the (England and Wales) 1901 census mailing list post on that list transcriptions of the images that they have purchased. Transcriptions are also popping up on other mailing lists. Now Trudy Weaver has taken the bit between her teeth and brought them together on one site, rather than dotted through the archives of the various lists. So far she's gathered almost 10,000 transcriptions, which can be viewed at www.4trudy.co.uk/census/.

If you'd like to contribute details from your own purchases, please note that Trudy accepts only complete page transcriptions - i.e. not just the people on a page that interest you! She accepts them in Excel or Works spreadsheet, Access or Works database, or as a Word document, and there are detailed instructions on her web site.

We suspect that Trudy has taken on a very big task here, but it's one that deserves to succeed.

With permission from: Graham Lewis [Webmaster.]

Trudy's Note:- A very big task indeed, I had no idea it would be this popular!

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